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Weatherization is a program that helps low-income families become more economically secure by offering a hand-up, not a handout. The purpose of Weatherization is to increase the energy efficiency of dwellings owned or occupied by low-income persons, particularly elderly people with disabilities, families with children, by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, insuring their health and safety, and reducing their residential expenditures.
Typical weatherization measures include installing insulation, air-sealing tactics like caulking, weather-stripping, and replacing primary windows and doors. Funds are also used to perform basic heating tune-ups and repairs. After weatherization to the home is completed, clients receive instructions on the proper use and maintenance of the installed weatherization measures.
Weatherization works to provide long-term solutions to energy problems; improved health and safety conditions, increased comfort for the occupants, reduction of homelessness, and extended lifetime of affordable housing. MOCA's Weatherization Assistance Program delivers results for low-income families and communities.

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