Welcome to our Governance Page

MOCA Board of Directors is a Tri-Partite Board: One-third is composed of elected public officials (or their appointed representatives), One third private interest groups, and One-Third low-income representatives. Board Members elected to serve on MOCA’s board are reimbursed for round trip mileage from home to the meeting. Meetings are held monthly at 6:00 pm (dinner provided) on the day at alternating locations. 

Missouri Ozarks Comunity Action (MOCA) is currently seeking representstives to serve their community through our Board of Directors. If you are interested click here to download the board application, fill it out and fax or send it to MOCA.

Download the flyer .

Board of Directors Committee 2016 (PDF).

Personnel Policy Manual 2013 (PDF).

By Laws 2014 (PDF).

Fiscal Policies 2014 (PDF).

MOCA Organizational Chart (PDF).